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Say goodbye to daily shaving, waxing, plucking, and painful epilating. Bareskin PLUS+ guarantees effective, long-lasting results in the comfort of your own home.

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The Bareskin PLUS+ is my new favourite beauty product! It does not hurt, it's fast, and I start seeing results within three sessions. And all at home || So easy to use - plug it in, click the button, and you are ready to go! || I love this device - no more taking off a morning to remove body hair. || Removing body hair used to be such a drag. || I can't believe I only found the Bareskin PLUS+ product last year. Worth every penny!

Bareskin Plus - laser hair removal machine

Bareskin PLUS+ introduces our innovative IPL laser hair removal device.

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What do our Customers say?

Girl review the Bareskin IPL machine

Simone - Roodepoort

I love Bareskin. I mainly use the Bareskin device for my underarms. I use to shave at-least 3 times a week.. Hated the feeling of hair growing under my arms pits. The Bareskin has helped me more than you can image. At the moment I only use the device maybe once a month.

Thanks Again.


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Guy using Bareskin at home machine

Liam - Port Elizabeth

An Amazing Tool. Though it takes time, I notice that my hair grows less and finer. Before, I had to shave daily. Despite having shaved in the morning, I would have stubble in the evening. Now, I can even go up to two days without any need for shaving. And I am on the 5th week of treatment.

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dark skin girl using laser hair removal machine

Sarah - Randburg

I have dark skin and dark hair. I am happy to have used this product. I noted the difference the first time I used it. It is almost painless, a 'rubber band-like sting in the sensitive areas such as the underarm, bikini line, and behind the knee. The bottom line, I recommend this product

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Why should you get the Bareskin PLUS+ hair removal device?

3 Steps to getting rid of unwanted body hair

Whole body hair removing guide

Step 1: Getting Started

Before starting, you should first prepare for your laser hair removal session.
Choose the body part/area you would like to target.
For the most effective results, clean the skin you would like to target.
Shave the entire region, but do not epilate, wax or pluck.
The device targets the hair follicles, and removing them (by tweezing or plucking) first renders it ineffective.
Dry with a clean towel before starting your at-home hair removal treatment.

Select laser treatment level

Step 2: Select your Treatment Level

After cleaning the area and shaving off existing hair, you can choose the level of treatment.
The device has five energy levels. 1 = lowest / 5 = highest.
Choose your level. If you are a first-time user, you should start at the lowest setting and work your way up.
Once you are comfortable with the process, you may wish to increase the power settings.

How to use the Bareskin Plus

Step 3: Start the device and begin.

Don the protective glasses.
Place the device at a 90-degree angle against the skin and start treatment.
Start in a circular motion, avoiding going over the same area more than once.
Treat the desired sites 2 - 3 times per week for the first two months.
You should start seeing results within 2 - 3 months.
When used correctly, users will see a noticeable reduction in hair growth in the area you are targeting. Please read on how to care for you skin after a laser hair removal session.

Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Proven clinical hair removal results

Start seeing results within three treatments.

Permanent Hair Removal with the newest IPL Technology

permanent hair removal
Can I use the bareskin device?

Can I use this device?

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Fantastic – It works like a charm!

To be honest – I received this device as a present a couple of months ago, and my immediate thought was – This will never work. However, I followed the instructions the first time using it and then set a reminder on my mobile. I have used it four times, and my bikini and face area has not grown back. I also using it for that Brazilian look. I am shocked at how well this laser machine works. It is crazy, and I recommend it.

Michelle - Boksburg

So easy to use and fast!

I am not a techie, and using any high-tech products always causes issues. So after purchasing the device, I was not sure I would be able to follow the complicated instructions. Well, guess what – NO ISSUES! I bought the machine on a Monday and received it on Wednesday morning. I plugged it in that evening and was using it within 3 minutes. Easy to understand instructions and been using it for three months now and seeing excellent results!

Gian - Cape Town

I don't leave reviews.

I don't leave product reviews, I do not have the time, but with this IPL machine, I needed to make an exception. This thing works. My whole family has a problem with overgrown body hair, and I was determined to get rid of it forever. After using my IPL device for about a month, I started to see some of my chest and back hair diminish. Almost three months later, I am using it about once a month. I am very fair-skinned with darkish hair, so I set the device on its highest setting. It is working for me!

Deacon - Bloemfontein

Blog posts

Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Hair Removal Methods Including Side Effects

Hair removal methods - shaving and Electrolysis
waxing and Depilatory

Depilatory and Waxing

The Bareskin Beauty device has been featured on:

  • Glamour Beauty Awards 2022: Best - Beauty Products of the Year
  • Cosmopolitan’s 2022 Beauty Awards
  •  Women’s Health 2022 Beauty Awards
  • Harper’s BAZAAR Skincare Awards winner
  • Shape 2022 Skin Awards Winner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Laser Hair Removal

is laser hair removal permanent

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

No, laser hair removal is not permanent, but it's the closest to permanent hair removal you can get. After using the Bareskin machine for 2 - 3 months, you would only have to operate the Bareskin machine once or twice a month. Some of our customers have noted that they only use the device when hairs start appearing. Then, you remind the hair follicle not to grow again.

is laser hair removal worth it?

Is laser hair removal worth it?

We believe so, but not necessarily at a hair removal clinic or spa. If you visit a hotel spa, you have to visit the place at least 2 - 3 times per month. With the Bareskin device, you can use the machine anytime you want at home. No need to plan your day around visiting a clinic. Additionally, there is no uncomfortable feeling of waiting for someone to see you naked and laser your private parts.

Cosmetic Doctor Dr. Mansouri MD noted that device longevity is something the buyer should consider. "Some at-home machines have only a certain amount of flashes or would need a replacement lamp after several flashes." The Bareskin device has over 990000 flashes. It should last a user 12 years or more if you use it once a week.

Can laser hair removal be bad for you?

Can laser hair removal be bad for you?

No, phototricholysis is not a bad thing. Laser hair removal technology has been around since 1964. That is over 55 years and counting. Studies have shown that IPL laser technology is safe and effective at reducing hair on most body parts.

Dr. Arash Akhavan, MD, has noted that most users generally consider IPL photoepilation safe and well-tolerated. In addition, medical studies have shown that this procedure does not appear to pose any long-term health risks. However, we advise users of this technology to do a small patch test before treatment.

what is laser hair removal?

What is laser hair removal?

We receive this question every few months. "What is Laser hair removal?" Laser Epilation is the process of using a xenon flash lamp to create IPL (intense pulse light) or laser beams directed at hair follicles below the surface of the skin. The melanin in the hair absorbs the light pulse and heats the hair follicle. The heat destroys the tube-shaped sacs (hair follicles), and the hair starts falling out.

This medical process is not instantaneous. Depending on your hair life cycle, phototricholysis can take up to 12 weeks for you to see hair fall out. Hair grows in three phases - telogen, catagen, and anagen. Hair needs to be in the anagen phase for the hair follicle to attract and absorb the IPL laser light. Anagen's hair growth cycle only lasts for three weeks. Therefore, keeping up with your sessions is essential. Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Arash Akhavan says IPL laser hair removal is a safe and effective method to remove most body hair. This include the male and female privates, back hair, torso and stomach hair.

How to choose the best laser

How to choose the best at-home laser hair removal machine?

Choosing the best IPL laser hair removal machine for home use is not easy. Not all at-home lasers have been created equal. Each hair reduction machine is different and uses different technology or light waves. Choosing the best at-home laser should start with reviews. We advocate that you opt for a device with a perfect review score. Customer reviews give you the ideal opportunity to choose a device that works for most users. We also advise that you research the brand name and company name of various review sites for positive or negative feedback.

Device longevity is also an essential factor when choosing the best device for your needs. For example, the Bareskin device has over 900000 flashes which should last you over 12 years. However, some devices need replacement lamps and may stop working after months. The most reliable at-home laser machines come with at least a year's guarantee on broken parts.

Does IPL cause ingrown hairs?

No, IPL hair removal does not cause ingrown hairs. IPL destroys hair follicles and causes the hair to fall out. IPL lasers do the opposite. The hair falls out and prevents ingrown hairs.

Many users of IPL laser technology make use of this technology as they know photoepilation devices eliminates ingrown hairs. IPL systems causes the hair follicles to shrink or fall out. The hair will stop growing if you keep using the Bareskin IPL machine. So, if you have no hair, you have no hair follicles. And thus, no hair follicles can become ingrown.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Is laser hair removal painful?

We receive this question almost daily. And the answer is that it is not painful. It may be a bit uncomfortable but never painful. If you were to compare it to waxing, it is not painful. Most customers of the Bareskin machine noted, and I quote, "it's like a snap of a rubber band on my skin, or it is almost like a very soft flick to the skin."

Let me reiterate; that the Bareskin machine flash is not painful. If you believe you may experience pain, you can set the device on the lowest setting before you use it. 

best laser hair removal machine

Is the Bareskin the best laser hair removal machine?

Yes, I know this may be a trick question. However, Dr. Walters has noted that if I were to compare our at-home hair removal machine with other at-home hair removal equipment, then yes, we are definitely in the top 3 best hair removal machines ever developed. 

Before starting the Bareskin company, we selected and purchased various hair removal machines from well-known suppliers. Then, we tested them, reviewed them, and compared functionality, price, and technical specifications. And the Bareskin almost always came in first. 

Is an at-home IPL machine safe to use?

Is an at-home IPL machine safe to use?

Yes, our at-home IPL machine is safe to use. So, we have sold over 4000 units, and we have not had a technical malfunction yet. Do not open the device enclosure. Please also do not use the device in a shower or bath.

Dermatologist Dr. Marie Hayag from Fifth Avenue Aesthetics mentioned that at-home laser hair removal machines are safe. It is an excellent alternative to hair removal at a clinic," she said. These machines use IPL or intense pulsed light, which gets absorbed by the pigments in hair follicles. The heat destroys the hair follicles and causes the hair to shed.

Awards & Accreditions

  • beauty shortlist for 2021 Awards
  • Beauty Awards 2019
  • Excellent customer Service Award
  • Ok Magazine Beauty Awards 2018

Bareskin - Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device

As you probably realise by now, none of the traditional hair removal methods can be used on sensitive areas like the face or groin. Therefore, we advise that you opt for the Bareskin Device. Dermatologists and skin specialists agree that IPL laser hair removal treatment is by far the most suitable permanent hair reduction method at this moment.

This hair removal method works well and is seen as the most natural hair removal option. Using an IPL laser to eradicate the hair follicle can avoid significant side effects and say hello to smooth skin.