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Say goodbye to daily shaving, waxing, plucking, and painful epilating.  Bareskin guarantees, effective long-lasting results in the comfort of your own home.

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Happy Customers!

This is my new favourite beauty product! It does not hurt, it's fast and I start seeing results within 3 sessions.   ||   So easy to use - plug it in, click the button, and you are ready to go!   ||   Just loving this device - no more taking off a morning to remove body hair.   ||   Removing body hair used to be such a drag.   ||   I can’t believe I only found the Bareskin product in the last year. Worth every penny!

Bareskin introduces our innovative IPL laser hair removal device

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What do our Customers say?

Simone - Roodepoort

Been using it so far for about 8 weeks and so far, so good! I definitely see my hair growing back at a slower rate and in some spots not growing back much at all! I’ll keep using it each week until I’m happy but it definitely is working and I know all the hair will be gone!

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Liam - Port Elizabeth

An Amazing Tool. Though it takes time, I notice that my hair grows in less and also gets finer. Before, I had to shave on a daily basis. Despite having shaved in the morning, I would have stubble in the evening. But, now, I can even go up to 2 days without any need of shaving. And I am on the 5th week of treatment.

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Rebecca from Atlantis

Sarah - Randburg

I have dark skin and dark hair. I’m extremely happy to have used this product. I noted the difference the first time I used it. It is almost painless just with a ‘rubber band like’ sting in the sensitive areas such as the underarm, bikini, and behind the knee. The bottom line is that I recommend this product

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Why you should get the Bareskin hair removal device?

3 Steps to getting rid of unwanted body hair

Step 1: Getting Started

Choose the body part/area you would like to focus on.
For the best results, clean the area you would like to target.
Carefully shave the entire area, but do not epilate, wax or pluck.
The device targets the follicles and removing these ( with tweezing or plucking) before will render the product ineffective.
Dry with a clean towel before starting your at-home hair removal treatment.

Step 2: Select your Treatment Level

After cleaning the area and shaving off existing hair, you can choose the level of treatment.
The Device has 5 energy levels. 
1 = lowest / 5 = highest.
Choose your level.
We suggest your start at the lowest level if you are a first-time user, and work your way up to a higher setting as needed. Once you are comfortable with the process you may wish to increase the power settings. 

Step 3: Start the device and begin

Don the protective glasses.
Place device at a 90-degree angle against the skin and start treatment.
We suggest working in a circular motion,  avoiding going over the same area more than once.
Treat the desired sites 2 - 3 times per week for the first 2 months.
You should start seeing results within 2 - 3 months. If used correctly users will start seeing a visible reduction of hair in the area you targeting.

Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Start seeing results within 3 treatments

Permanent Hair Removal using the newest IPL Technology

Can I use this device?

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Amazing – It works like charm!

To be honest – I received this device as a present a couple of months ago and my immediate thought was – This will never work.  I followed the instructions the first time using it and then set a reminder on my mobile.  I have used 4 times so far and my bikini and face area has barely grown back.  I am totally shocked how well this device works. It’s totally crazy and highly recommended!

Michelle - Boksburg

So easy to use and fast!

I am not a techie and using any kind of high-tech product always causes issues. After purchasing the device I wasn't sure I'd be able to follow the complicated instructions and wasn't  going to be able to use it.  Well, guest what – NO ISSUES! I purchase the device on a Monday and received it on Wednesday morning. Plugged it in that evening and was using it within 3 minutes. Easy to understand instructions and been using it for 3 months now and seeing amazing results!

Gian - Cape Town

Don’t normally leave reviews

I don’t normally leave product reviews, just don’t have the time but with this device I needed to make an exception. This thing actually works. My whole family has a problem with overgrown body hair and I was determined to get rid of it permanently.  After using my IPL device for about a month I started to see some of my chest and back hair diminish. Now almost 3 months later I am using it about once a month. I am very fair skinned with darkish hair so I set the device on it highest setting. Its definitely working for me!

Deacon - Bloemfontein

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Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Hair Removal Methods Including Side effects

Depilatory and Waxing

The Bareskin Beauty device have been featured on:

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FAQ's about Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Quick answer - no laser hair removal is not permanent but it's the closest to permanent hair removal you can get. After using the Bareskin Device regularly for 2 - 3 months, you would only have to use the Bareskin machine maybe once or twice a month. Some of our customers have noted that they only use the machine if small thin hairs start appearing. You just reminding the hair follicle to not start growing again.

Is laser hair removal worth it?

We believe so, but not necessarily at a hair removal clinic or spa. If you visit a spa, you have to visit the place at least 2 - 3 times per month for many months. With the Bareskin device, you can use the machine anytime you want at home. No need to plan your day around visiting a clinic. Also, there is non of that uncomfortable feeling of waiting for somebody to see you naked and lasering your privates.

Can laser hair removal be bad for you?

Nope, not at all. Laser hair removal is not bad for you. This technology has been around since 1964. That is over 55 years and counting. Studies have shown that IPL laser technology is safe and effective at reducing hair on most body parts.

Is laser hair removal painful?

We receive this question daily. And the answer, it is not painful. It is not painful. It may be a bit uncomfortable but never painful. If you were to compare it to waxing, then is not painful at all. Most customers of the Bareskin machine noted and I quote "it's like a snap of a rubber band on my skin or it is almost like a very soft flick to the skin"

Is the Bareskin the best laser hair removal machine?

Yes, I know this may be a trick question. If I were to compare our at-home hair removal machine with other at-home hair removal equipment, then yes we are definitely in the top 3 best hair removal machines ever developed. Before we started the Bareskin company, we selected and purchased various hair removal machines from various well-known suppliers. We tested them, reviewed them, and compared functionality, price, and technical specifications. And the Bareskin almost always came in first.

Is an at-home IPL machine safe to use?

Yes, our at-home IPL machine is safe to use. So far we have sold over 4000 units and we have not had a technical malfunction yet. We have to advise you that you should not open the device encasing or make use of it in the shower or bath. Bareskin is a safe at-home IPL machine.

Awards & Accreditions

  • beauty shortlist for 2021 Awards
  • Beauty Awards 2019
  • Excellent customer Service Award
  • Ok Magazine Beauty Awards 2018

Bareskin: Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device

None of these methods can be used on sensitive areas like the face or groin. We advise that you opt for the Bareskin Device.  Dermatologists are all in agreement that IPL laser hair removal treatment is by far the most suitable permanent hair reduction method at this moment and seen as the most natural hair removal option.  By using an IPL laser to eradicate the hair follicle you can avoid any of the major side effects and say hello to smooth skin.