How does it Work?

laser hair removal

The Bareskin IPL laser treatment device uses laser technology. The device emits a rapid light pulse called IPL(Intense Pulsed Light).

This light works by entering the skin surface and targeting hairs in the root.

Basically, it sends a signal to the root of the hair to tell it to stop growing also known as the resting phase.

As a result, the hair sheds naturally and does not grow back. By using this device on a regular basis you can keep your body hair free and your skin ultra smooth.

This IPL technology is used by dermatologists, laser treatment centers and spas to stop unwanted hair growth and its perfectly safe. Statistics have shown that there will be an 89% hair reduction after 4 treatments and 96% reduction after 8 treatments.

What are the main benefits of using the Bareskin laser hair treatment device?

  • Both women and men can use the device.
  • The device can be used all basically all body parts - this includes back, neck, legs, bikini line, face, and shoulders.
  • This technology is perfectly safe and is used by dermatologists on a daily basis.
  • No pain at all - Painless hair removal and so gentle on your skin.

How does it work?

The Bareskin home hair removal device uses a laser hair removal technology called - Intense Pulsed Light. The light enters the skin and instructs the hair follicle to stop growing.


  1. First thing would be to shave the area you would like to target.
  2. Connect the AC Adapter to the Power socket.
  3. Now press the power button and choose your setting.
  4. Put on the protective eyewear so you can avoid any damage to your eyes.
  5. Now slowly place the laser head on the skin where you have shaved. Go in circles for about 2 - 3 minutes.
Please note:
  • Start out with a lower setting first. As you become accustomed to the device you can power up to a higher setting.
  • Choose a specific area but do not go over this area more than once.
  • Please do not use the device on skin that has tattoos.