How to perform laser hair removal on your underarms?

removing hair from underarms

Removal of hair on your underarms is a common job usually all populaces perform. But there are various ways of removal. As technology has been entered in all our daily life activities. So, for hair removal, laser technology has been introduced. It experimented two decades ago but the use of this technology has been common nowadays.

Laser hair removal is the process of removal of hair by IPL laser light which results in destroying the hair follicle. Many of the individuals avail this facility at clinics while some have their own handsets and use it by their selves at homes

Women, especially, have gained a lot of advantage from this technology. As we all know that women are very sensitive for their body and they take care of their body on a regular basis. So, they have got rid of all old solutions for hair removal. The whole process of waxing or plucking will waste all of their days and this excise will be repeated twice a week. If you search the reviews of laser hair removal, most of the reviews are given by women along with their stories of old fashions of hair removal.

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What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal has made life easier for a variety of people. Most of the people have the issue of fast-growing underarm hair, some have the issue of rough and wiry hair which needs to be waxed or shaved every day.

So due to this technology, such type of issues has been resolved as by removal of hair from the laser, it takes a long time to grow up or even permanently eliminates the hair from that specific area. The other thing is, it takes a few minutes by the laser, hence as a result, it will save the time, money and you will enjoy the smoothness for a long period. As the hair removal is the problem of both the sexes (male and female), so in many of the families have brought the laser device at their home and they have saved a lot of money by using this system. Many of the users of laser lose their underarms hairs permanently after five to seven sessions.

You can see three types of laser hair removal in the market.

  1. Alexandrite (fast hair removing)
  2. Nd: YAG (performing in all types of skin)
  3. Diode (effective for dark skin)

The above three types have the same basic functions but the performance varies.

amazing hairless underarms

In depth guide to performing laser hair removal

If you want to avail this facility, take a look at the following. First of all, you need to go to an experienced and well-trained professional for hair removal as there are sometimes many complexities.

They know how to use a laser in the underarms area as the area is too short to work on it. When you make a decision for laser, you are required not to pluck or wax your underarm hairs for about five weeks as the laser will target the root of the hair and by plucking or waxing the roots are temporarily removed.

You will not go for a cheap laser as it is the matter of your skin and ultimately in case of any misshapen, you will pay for it a hundred times. If you have dark hair, then it is too much effective for you as it works well in dark hair arms.

Many people have the fear of being hurt during the process of hair removal, but if you use the correct tools, you will not feel any pain. It is better to shave the underarms before laser treatment but not to wax it. For a safe side, after treatment, you should take a little bit of medication by the approval of your doctor. This whole treatment will take half of your minute.

Laser hair removal has a complete treatment period, so you have to be in touch with your laser hair removal professional.

After your first successful treatment, you will feel your treated area burnt for some days. But you will not be afraid. Just a little bit moisturizing will help you out. The cost of laser hair removal varies for the area to area. We advise that you opt for the Bareskin machine. (much cheaper in the long run and you don’t have to leave your home to use it)

If you want to continue with the laser treatment, we suggest you come up with a time table and schedule for the next couple of months. Because it requires a couple of sessions if you want to permanently remove the hair from underarms or other parts of the body.

no hair under the arms

Pros of using a Bareskin Hair Removal System

  • No more waxing
  • No shaving
  • No more plucking
  • No more epilating
  • No razor
  • Safe time
  • Smooth skin
  • Slight swelling after laser hair removal procedure (4% of users)


After detail study and research, you can make a decision. Properly look at the pros and cons of both the process and then take action. You may not know this but the skin is the most sensitive part of the body.

So as hair removal is directly associated with the skin, be sincere to your body. We have to opt the modern technologies to comfort our lives and to save our valuable time and money.

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