FAQ | Frequently ask QuestionsHow do I use the Bareskin laser hair removal device?

You first need to clear the skin of any hair. You should shave it off before using the device on your skin. Plugin in the device and press the power button. The device has 5 settings from low to high. When you are starting out, you should start with low and go up as you get used to the laser hair removal device. 

Remember to wear your protective eyewear when using the laser as the light may damage your eyes. Place the head of the laser on the skin where you have shaven. Go up and down on the area you are targeting.  Do not go back to this area until the next time you use the device.

Can I use this device on any part of my body?

Yes, you can. You are able to use this handset in most areas of your body. This includes your crotch area for that Brazilian look or your face. Please avoid bringing the device to close to your eyes.

Does this device work for any skin color or hair color?
Unfortunately not, the IPL device is most effective on light to medium skin tones - with hair color ranging from blonde to brown or black. Please note that this device does not work well on dark skin types.  Blond hair, red hair, grey or white hair contain less melanin and does not absorb light as easily as dark hair. For this reason, it may take longer for the hair to go into the resting phase.

Explain the settings on the Bareskin laser hair removal device?
The device has 5 settings. Each setting is used for different hair types. It has been developed to accommodate different hair types - from fine hair to coarse hair. The darker the hair type the higher the setting.

How many times should I use the device?
For the first month, you should use the device 2 - 4 times in the first month. In the second month, you should use it only once a week(4 times), in the third month you should use it only twice per month and in the fourth month you should only use it once per month. (at this stage your hair should in full resting phase)