Frequently Asked Questions Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Ask Questions about Laser Hair Removal

How do I use the Bareskin laser hair removal machine? | Frequently Asked Questions

You first need to clear the skin of any hair. You should shave the hair off before using the Bareskin on your skin. Plugin in the kit and press the power button. The Bareskin Device has five settings from low to high. When you are starting, you should begin with the lowest setting. Increase the power as you get used to the device.
Wear protective eyewear when using the laser as the light can damage your eyes. Place the laser head on the skin where you have shaved. Move up and down on the area you are targeting. Please do not go back to this area until the next time you use it.

Can I use the Bareskin on any part of my body?

Yes, you can. You can use this handset in most areas of your body. This includes your crotch area for that Brazilian look or your face. Please avoid bringing the Bareskin too close to your eyes.

Does this Bareskin work for any skin colour or hair colour? | Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not, as the Bareskin IPL Kit is most effective on light to medium skin tones with hair colour ranging from blonde to brown or black. Please note that this system does not work well on dark skin types. Blond hair, red hair, and white hair contain less melanin and do not absorb light as dark hair. For this reason, it may take longer for the hair to transition into the resting phase.

Explain the settings on the Bareskin laser hair removal system?

The Bareskin device has five power settings. Each power setting is used for different hair types. The device was developed to accommodate all hair types. From fine hair to coarse hair, from light to dark hair types. Generally lighter the hair type, the higher the setting.

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How many times should I use the Bareskin device per month?

It would be best to use the machine eight times in the first month (twice a week) for the first month. You should use the device twice a week until you notice less hair. As soon as you see less or more delicate hair, it would help if you use it once every ten days. (3 times in this month)  In the third month, you should use it only twice per month, and in the fourth month, you should only use it once per month. (at this stage, your hair should be in the resting phase)

Who can get laser hair removal?

Both males and females can get laser hair removal. Men opt for laser hair removal on their backs, legs, chest, and neck. Women want to remove hair under their arms, bikini lines, and legs. Users with dark skin (black) or those with white hair or red hair cannot use the device. Dr Walters MD noted that people with olive skin tone (light brown) could use the Bareskin laser hair removal device. We have found that it takes a bit longer (2 to 3 extra months)

How does laser hair removal work?

One of the most asked questions we receive. How does laser hair removal work? Dr Rachel E. Ward MD explains it the best. "The light of a laser hair removal device penetrates the skin, and the hair follicle melanin absorbs it". The lights destroy the hair follicle. In short, it damages the hair follicle and stunts the cells inside the hair follicle that stimulates hair regrowth.

What sort of results can I expect when using the Bareskin Device?

When using the Bareskin device, virtually every user can remove all unwanted hair and receive long-lasting hair removal results. Users with olive skin or lighter hair may require a few more sessions with the Bareskin Device (1 - 3 extra months), but 96% will see positive results at the end of the treatment cycle.

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Do you experience pain with using the Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Device?

Short answer: No, you do not feel any pain. We have found that 8% of Bareskin users have noted that laser hair removal treatment can be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. Every person is different, and discomfort varies from person to person and skin type.
Most people using our IPL device have noted that they don't feel anything. But, some feel a slight heat sensation, while others have likened it to the feeling of flicking yourself with a small rubber band. Nobody
reported any extreme pain.

Do I have to shave before IPL? | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will have to shave before using an IPL machine. It is important to shave before an IPL laser hair removal session. Please do not pluck or wax before such a session. Plucking and waxing remove all hair. For an  IPL device to work, you need hair follicles below the skin surface. The  hair follicles absorb the IPL light and heat and destroy the hair follicle. After a few weeks, the hair will fall out naturally. Shaving the area before a laser hair removal session will improve the hair removal results.

Does IPL hair removal remove hair instantly?

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions Laser Hair Removal. No, IPL laser hair removal does not remove hair instantly. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. IPL takes time to see results. Most people that undergo IPL laser treatment only start seeing results after the 8th treatment session. The treatment destroys the hair follicles. The hair follicle stops growing and falls out and leaves the user hairless.

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Are there any risks to IPL laser hair removal?

There are no risks to IPL laser hair removal. The most common side effect of laser hair removal is redness and swelling. It usually happens a few hours after a laser hair removal session. Redness and swelling typically disappear after a few hours. We suggest you use our protective sunglasses during your laser hair removal session. The light from the the device may hurt your eyes.

Can IPL work on blonde hair?

Yes,  IPl laser can work for blonde hair, but it takes longer for IPL laser to work. That is because blonde or white hair contains less dark eumelanin pigmentation. The IPL device needs dark eumelanin pigmentation to attract the IPL light, which heats the hair follicle and destroys its ability to grow. So if your hair has less pigmentation than darker hair, it takes longer for the hair to absorb enough light to destroy the hair follicles.

What should I do before an IPL at-home session?

Another frequently asked questions laser hair removal. What to do before an IPL laser session is an important question. First, you need to shave the areas you target. We suggest that you shave the area immediately before a session. Please avoid plucking, waxing, or using hair removal chemicals. All these methods remove the hair follicles below and above the skin. For IPL to work, you need hair below the skin. That is why you can only shave before you start. Resident Dr Walters (medical advisor) also advises exfoliating your skin before and after a laser hair removal session. Exfoliating will improve hair loss results.

Can IPL laser be used on the pubic area?

We receive this Frequently Asked Question at least once a week. You can do laser hair removal in and around the pubic bone or Hollywood area. The pubic bone, Hollywood, or bikini areas refer to the male and female privates or groin areas. Using the Bareskin device is a safe and effective way to remove pubic hair. However, we suggest that you plan before attempting to remove hair on your privates. This area is known to be extremely sensitive. So first, do a patch test just above your pubic bone to see if you can handle any sensitivity issues.

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What should I avoid before an IPL laser hair removal session?

There are a couple of things to avoid before having an IPL laser session. The first step is to prevent any skin irritants in the target area. Skin irritants include skin products containing benzoyl-peroxide, astringents, salicylic/glycolic acids, or vitamin C. You can still use these items in areas you are not targeting. Do not wax or use any depilatory cream or treatment. As mentioned before, you can only shave before a treatment session.

What should I do after an IPL session?

We suggest that you use a skin product containing aloe vera after an IPL laser session. Aloe vera juice is amazing for any kind of inflammatory response. We suggest that you avoid the following irritants.

Don't use bleach-containing creams, harsh soaps, or perfumes. Avoid saunas, hot showers, and hot baths for at least 48 hours. Dr Anahita Mansouri has mentioned that you should stay out of the sun for at least two weeks after a session. Wear loose-fitting clothes and don't use any makeup on these targeted areas.

Is the Bareskin IPL laser suitable for PCOS?

Another frequently asked question we receive is - can our IPL device be used by people suffering from PCOS? And the answer is yes; you can use the Bareskin device if you suffer from PCOS. Many of our Bareskin clients have achieved excellent results from IPL laser hair removal.
We have received many emails and Facebook testimonials that have told us how our device has improved their self-confidence after finally removing all unwanted hair on their bodies. However, we advise that you continue using the machine regularly to ensure that you do not experience any new hair growth or regrowth.