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Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine
Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine
Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

Bareskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

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FINALLY! – It's time to say goodbye to endless waxing, plucking, shaving, and expensive salon laser hair removal treatments forever!

And say hello to the amazing Bareskin IPL hair removal machine for at-home use.

The Bareskin IPL machine will save you time – you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to use it. It also saves money – it’s a fraction of the price compared to visiting beauty salons for expensive treatment sessions.

How it works:
The Bareskin laser hair removal machine works by emitting rapid light pulses. These pulses work by penetrating the skin surface and targeting the hairs at the root – and sending the hair follicle a message to stop growing.

Main Features & Benefits

✔️ The Bareskin Machine is effective for men and women alike.

✔️  The apparatus can be used on most body parts – including bikini, legs, arms, back, shoulders, thighs and face.

✔️  Uses the latest laser technology clinically proven to be effective, safe and it's used by thousands of dermatologists worldwide.

✔️ Totally pain-free with no discomfort.

✔️ Easy to use and comes with a brochure with detailed instructions.

✔️ No batteries or charging needed. Plug your handheld machine in and start using it within seconds.

Bareskin laser hair removal Machine

How often am I supposed to use it?
Every person is different when it comes to hair and skin type. We recommended using the Bareskin IPL machine every 2 weeks for the first 12 weeks.You will start noticing a decline in hair appearance and hair thickness. After this initial period, you can use your handset once per month.

Which areas of my body can I use this on?
You can use your handset on your entire body, including your groin area, legs, neck, back, stomach, shoulders, and face. Just be sure to not get too close to your eyes.

Product Information:
Flashes: 990000 (Last between 12 - 14 years, if one person is using it)
Instrument principle: Intense pulsed light
Instrument net weight: 260g
Irradiation area: 3-10J / cm2
Energy level: 1-5 level
Instrument spectrum: ≥ 530nm
Rated voltage: 110-240V
Input power: 36W
Humidity: 30% - 75%

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