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What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

For this write up we explain Brazilian hair removal and how perform brazilian hair removal using a laser handset. A basic explanation is the removal of pubic hair from the front, middle and back of the pubic bone. The idea is to only leave a small strip of hair right on the front part of the pubic bone.  It’s the closest you can get to the Hollywood without going bare. (With Hollywood Hair removal, you remove all hair on your privates)

Most people that go for the Brazilian look have said its more about look of it. Other mentioned they prefer the cleanliness and others have noted that much easier to wear a bikini or underwear and feeling sexy at the same time.  

Laser hair removal is a permanent treatment to get rid of unwanted hair.  It eliminates the irritating inconvenience of frequent shaving, waxing or epilating. 

When it comes to removing hair in the bikini area there are several styles to choose from.

A Brazilian bikini line is one of the most popular options, where hair is removed from the front and sides of the bikini line, all the way to the back leaving only a strip or triangle above the labia.   

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Brazilian laser hair removal is the preferred solution because it is both painless and permanent. Say goodbye to endless shaving, itchy new growth and unsightly ingrown hairs.  We have found that if you are using the Bareskin laser hair removal device that treatment normally last 15-30 minutes and it only takes 6-8 treatments to remove bikini line hair forever.
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How to prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

For the best results, you should have 4-6 weeks of growth prior to starting treatment. During the course of treatments, shaving is the only other hair removal method to be used. Lightly exfoliate the area a few days in advance and shave the pubic area one day before treatment. Although the treatment is painless for most, you may wish to take a mild pain reliever before your session to ease any discomfort.  It is also best to avoid caffeine prior to your session.

 bikini line

Shaving your bikini line before treatment


Using a white eye pencil outline the shape of the hair that will be kept. Take time to ensure you get the desired shape, this may take some adjusting. Once you have perfected the design, go over the lines a few times with the pencil to ensure the markings are visible.

Preparing the area
Moisten your bikini area with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of shaving oil or cream to the skin avoiding the white pencil marks. It’s best to use a clear, unscented shaving oil or gel so that you can see the white lines clearly.

Shaving the treatment area
To achieve a defined line after your laser treatment, take great care during this process.

Shave lightly, from the outside in being careful not to shave the same area more than once. When you are satisfied with the design, remove the shaving oil and white pencil lines using a clean lukewarm cloth.

Repeat the process on the inner thighs and the labia areas, working from the outer sections inwards, making sure to stretch the skin to remove as much hair as possible in a single pass.

laser hair removal brazilian

Pro tips for shaving the bikini area

  • Avoid shaving in the shower
  • Work in sections, starting with the top section the sides and then the labia and rear
  • Trim long hair with scissors before using a razor
  • Do not dry shave
  • Always use a clean razor and rinse it often with lukewarm water

Shaving the rear

Pro tips for safely shaving hair from your rear.

  • Use a brand-new razor every time you shave this area
  • Always shave your behind after you have shaved your bikini and labia sections
  • Apply shaving oil or foam to the area
  • Place a small mirror on the floor and squat over it so that you can see the area clearly
  • Working from the outside in shave lightly over the skin rinsing your razor often to remove cut hairs.
  • Use light pressure especially around the perianal area
  • Once complete gently wipe the area with a clean damp cloth.

When you have fully shaved the area use a pH balanced feminine cleanser on your entire bikini area. Rinse with lukewarm water and apply a splash of cold water when you are done to tighten the pores in this area. If skin becomes irritated after your shave apply a soothing layer of Aloe Vera gel to the area. Do not use any moisturizers, lotions, creams or oils on your skin before your laser treatment.

If you nick your skin with the razor clean the area well and if necessary, apply a small amount of a natural antiseptic to the damaged area only. If you have any nicks or cuts on your Brazilian area to ensure they avoid these areas when treated with the laser.

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