Does Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home Work for Real?

We at Bareskin receive this question daily: Does a laser hair removal machine work? Yes, the Bareskin at-home hair removal works amazingly well!

The results speak for themselves. There is no point denying it. We would not be selling this device if it did not work. We have received hundreds of reviews, including many images of before and after photos.

Now, body hair is natural to us all. We all want that celebrity look that comes with controlling how much hair we grow and where we want it to grow due to fashion trends. Let’s be honest. It’s a bit of a hassle to wake up every morning and spend a copious amount of time in front of a mirror, painfully waxing, tweezing, plucking, or shaving your body hair.

Bareskin IPL

Numerous methods have been introduced to get rid of body hair, with results lasting from days to weeks and months, while others may give you permanent results.

There is no more need for expensive salon visits with laser hair removal machines. Instead, you are guaranteed a painless and effective, long-lasting solution to hair removal. In addition, this procedure can be done in the comfort of your home. It will take a fraction of your time and energy.

According to Dr Robert Walters, in 2013, a report was done by the American society of plastic surgeons. This report stated that "laser hair removal" was the fourth most used skin procedure done in the United States. In first place came Botox, chemical peels, and fillers.

What to Consider When Choosing A Laser?

Despite saving you overpriced clinic trips, IPL laser systems will still set you back a few bucks. So ensure that you make a wise investment in something that will serve you right.

using the bareskin Device

Before purchase, consider the following;

The area you are treating with the laser hair removal device.

If the IPL is used in a difficult to reach area, ensure you purchase an easy-to-handle IPL device that can get to that particular area. The Bareskin IPL laser is easy to handle and can be used to manoeuvre those intricate areas.

The size of the area you are targetting.

If the area is relatively more extensive than the torso, ensure that the power source is near a comfortable space and the power cord is long enough. With different intensity levels, the Bareskin IPs device usage is as easy as starting your favourite movie. Next, slowly place the devices on the area you wish to shave and achieve that hairless skin look.

User friendly

It should not take rocket science to use an IPL laser machine. All instructions should be covered in the user manual directly and straightforwardly so that the client can understand. The steps involved should be as easy as plugging it into the power source and holding the power button. Then you are set to start your session.

Budget Friendly

We all want to save money. However, you should see an IPL device is an investment. Therefore, before making a purchase, ensure that the following questions' answers satisfy your financial needs.

What is the purchase fee? Does it require servicing, and how frequent is the servicing? How good is their warranty policy? A suitable IPL laser, like the Bareskin, will have satisfactory answers to all these questions.

Service and support

Unlike a bicycle, you cannot take your laser to any mechanic. If you have questions about the device, the company should be at your disposal at any given moment to avoid the frustration that comes with trying to figure out a problem. Questions or problems about the device can be answered with a single phone call. Ensure that you read all product reviews and client feedback before making your purchase.

does laser hair removal machine work at home

How Does Laser at Hair Removal Work? (and does it work?)

In this hair removal process, the main principle is the manipulation of light wavelength in which light pulses destroy hair follicles. First, the light travels through the skin, where the melanin contained in the hair absorbs it. Next, the light gets converted into heat. The heat will cause localised damage to the hair follicle and not affect the rest of the skin.

Bareskin IPL uses xenon flash lamps to emit a full light spectrum. Therefore, it is helpful for large diameter targets.

It can be challenging to destroy every hair follicle. However, if the hair follicle is damaged and not destroyed, hair regrowth will occur. However, statistics have shown that with the Bareskin IPL laser in 4 to 8 treatment periods, there is a roughly 89% reduction in hair growth and an astounding 96% reduction in 12 treatment sessions.

How do I use the Bareskin IPL Laser machine?

I. Preparation
Before getting started, ensure the area to be worked on is clean. For all-out efficiency, cautiously shave the region. Please ensure that you stay away from plucking or waxing. The device works on the hair follicles, and these practices will render it useless. Using a clean towel, dry the area before the treatment starts.s.

II. Treatment level assortment
The Bareskin IPL laser has 1 to 5 energy levels, with one lowest and five highest. For beginners, we recommend the lowest setting. Then, progressively move to a higher power setting.

III. Plugin the device and begin
Before starting, ensure that your protective glasses are on. The device should be at a 90-degree angle against the skin, then start working in a spherical motion. Make sure that you evenly go over the area.

For desired results, treat the spot 2-3 times per week for the first two months, and results will be visible if correctly done in a month or so. After 4-6 treatments, the hair follicles will deactivate, and hair growth will stop. In addition, laser hair removal will lead to a more refined and lighter appearance.

advantages of laser hair removal machines

What May Affect Your Results?

With the use of Bareskin, hair removal has been assured. However, it is essential to note that some hair may regrow over time with certain people, and thus you may need to do more sessions to get rid of the new hair.

The difference in results may be due to:Genes

  • The thickness of your hair
  • The colour of your skin.
  • Hormones, especially when they are causing excessive hair growth.

What are the advantages of using a Bareskin IPL Laser device?

The Bareskin IPL device is seamlessly painless and entirely safe for use on your body and face. However, practice caution while using it near the eyes and avoid tattooed or pigmented skin.

Permanent hair elimination
The Bareskin device is an excellent option for sensitive skin, as skin irritation experienced from shaving gets avoided. In addition, it is the best solution for in-grown hairs. However, some people may need maintenance treatments. Maintenance treatments should get done once a month so no new hairs appear.

Using a Bareskin IPl laser for hair treatments saves time, especially when treating a large area compared to other techniques. e.g. It will take less than 20 minutes to perform a treatment on your underarms and legs.

Saves money
With the complete elimination of hair, you will no longer need a new supply of razors, shaving creams, and waxing appointments. So, in the long run, the usage of a Bareskin IPL laser will save you money and lots of time.

No more salon visits
You can use the Bareskin device in the comfort of your own home. No more need to visit the local laser hair removal clinic or salon. No more need to make appointments. You can use the Bareskin machine any time you want.

Effective for both genders
The Bareskin IPL Laser can be used for both men and women, giving similar desired results.

Does laser hair removal machine work?

Are there side effects from using the Bareskin IPL Laser device?

The side effects that may arise from using an IPL laser are very uncommon or minor. They may range from slight skin redness to crusting of the skin. In cases of sensitive skin, avoid the sun after hair removal as the sun may irritate the skin, increasing the risk of blisters and scars.

What are the alternatives to laser hair removal, and how do they compare.

This method involves the removal of 100% of hair in areas where waxing cannot be done, like the nipples and eyebrows. Then, an ultra-thin needle is used to deliver an electrical current that destroys the hair follicle. Electrolysis is highly effective but is known to be extremely painful and slow, and tedious.

Shaving and waxing
These two hair removal methods are effective and are very popular. However, they involve the use of a razor and wax, respectively. Compared to at-home laser removal, shaving is temporary and will lead to irritation of the shaved area, while waxing is extremely painful.

Threading is the standard method many women use to remove hair on their faces. The procedure will require using a piece of twisted thread to run over the hair pulling out from its roots. It is hygienic and chemical-free but equated to at-home laser removal; it will cause reddening of the skin and acne breakouts.

Use of hair removal cream
Hair Removal Cream is like shaving without razors. The chemical used dissolves the hair, which the users then wipe off. It can be done at home but is time-consuming. If you compare it with other hair removal methods, hair removal cream consists of chemicals that dissolve the hair. It has a foul smell and can cause chemical burns. Some may also be allergic to the substances themselves. It should not be used on the face, genitals, and breasts, even if one is not allergic.

Dermaplanning is a simple method involving shaving off hair using a scalpel. It is safe and painless. However, using the Bareskin IPL laser will still be the better option as this practice leads to hair growing back with a rougher feel since the hair is sliced at a profound steep angle.

After considering the various At home hair removal methods, note that none of the alternative methods is as safe and efficient as using a Bareskin IPL laser. So get one today and start your regimen for safe, smooth, and glowing skin.

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Robert Walters MD (Dermatologist)