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Why is Bareskin the best laser hair removal device you can buy?

There is not only one reason why Bareskin is the top-rated hair removal device in South Africa. In fact, there are six great reasons you should invest in this amazing, pain-free technology. We will discuss each of these six reasons in detail a little bit later, but before we get into all of the advantages of this system, lets first have a look at some of the great technology and features that go into the Bareskin laser hair removal system.

Bareskin kit

The Bareskin laser treatment systems use the newest Intense Pulses Light (IPL) technology, which means that it uses a rapid pulsing high-intensity light that sends energy waves to the hair follicle. The hair follicle then absorbs the energy, which turns to heat and inactivates the hair follicle, effectively kicking it into its “resting phase”. This is exactly the same technology used by dermatologists and salons all over the world to treat unwanted hair. It is safe and effective to use, even by yourself, at home.

The end result is that after several sessions with the Bareskin home laser treatment system, the hair follicles will enter a permanent resting phase, effectively rendering your bikini line, underarms, legs, and facial area - hair-free. In fact, statistics have shown that there will be an 89% reduction in your hair growth within four treatments and up to a 96% reduction after just eight treatments. This effectively means that after as little as four months, you can be problem hair free...

As an added advantage, this device can be used in the comfort of your own home – while watching Netflix!

  • No more expensive salon appointments,
  • No more painful epilating,
  • No more messy waxing and
  • No more nicks and cuts!

All that will remain is silky smooth skin. So now that you understand hoe the Bareskin laser hair removal system works, let’s have a look at the six advantages of this system that makes it South Africa’s top hair removal system.

best laser on the market

1.  It is small, easy and efficient

Being barely bigger than your hand, and extremely lightweight, this device is so easy to use on almost any area of your body. Using it is just as simple. Make sure to take a warm shower or bubble bath to soften your body hair. Shave the area your wish to target and make sure to dry your skin properly before using the Bareskin.

Now make sure to sit comfortably, plug in the Bareskin – you will hear a slight humming from the device – this means that it is ready. Press and hold the power button to select the best power setting -  we recommend that your start with a lower setting, and work your way up to the highest setting after a couple of sessions.  

Hold the device over the targeted, shaved area moving it slowly to cover the entire area only once. Make sure not to look into the pulsing light as this could damage your eyes. We also do not advise that you use the laser system over any tattoos or scars. When you are done, simply wipe the laser with a damp cloth and store it away for your next session.

2.  It uses no batteries

The Bareskin laser kit comes with a plug-in electrical system that ensure you won’t ever have to buy another set of batteries. Not only are batteries so terrible for the environment, but they are expensive and tend to run out just when you are in the middle of a laser session. With the Bareskin system you won’t ever have to worry about this – simply plug it in and you are ready to go.

3.  Pain-free

In contrast to more traditional methods of hair removal, this laser system is completely pain-free. Now – you won't have to worry about painful waxing session that leaves your skin raw, or epilators that torture you with every hair pulled out. No more cuts and nicks after a shaving session, that leave you bleeding simply to appear fuzz-free. Beauty has never been this comfortable – no more hair and no more pain.

4.  Uses safe IPL technology

The technology used in this system is exactly the same as those used by dermatologists and salons. This system has been used for many years and is totally safe for home use as well. The high-intensity light sends energy waves directly to the hair follicle, rendering it inactive for longer and longer periods of time after each use. This results in natural hair loss, and reduced growth over time.

unisex laser hair removal device

5.  Unisex

Hair removal is no longer just for women, and many men have embraced the laser hair removal system as an efficient and pain-free solution to unwanted hair. Women and men can now use this device safely at home to remove hair from their face, back, arms, chest, bikini line, and legs. In fact, if you browse over to our customer satisfaction page, you will find many reviews from men and women alike praising the ease, efficiency, and pain-free service they have received from their Bareskin laser hair removal system. This brings us to the final reason you should be considering the Bareskin is your go-to hair removal system.

6.  Amazing customer satisfaction

The customers of Bareskin have an unequivocal response to using the system – “It is fantastic”. Even the doubting Thomas’s in our midst have given the Bareskin system a try and have come out smooth-skinned and satisfied on the other side. Both men and women have tried this system and rave about how easy it is to use, and how effective the system has worked in not only slowing hair growth but also stopping it completely.

Based on the evidence and the customer reviews, it is certain that Bareskin is the best laser hair removal system you can buy. So spoil yourself to some effective pain-free hair removal, that will not only leave your skin smooth and soft but will save you money as well.