Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D

Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D (Medical Advisor)

Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D. graduated from the University of Kragujevac in Serbia in 2017 with experience in clinical and laboratory research in neuroscience and pharmacology. He completed his internship and participated in an exchange program in neurosurgery in Lisbon, Portugal, under the supervision of the department chief. Dr. Dusan Sekulic M.D is currently working as a medical doctor at the anesthesiology and intensive care unit at the clinical centre of Serbia. He also works as a medical writer and content creator for Bareskin Medical.

Personal Information
Dr. Dusan Sekulic is also interested in research in neuroscience. He worked as a Medical Doctor in the anesthesiology and intensive care unit, treating some of the most demanding patients. Besides this, he is interested in translational neuroscience and bioinformatics research, and he thrives on discovering new treatment options in neuroscience. 

University of Kragujevac
Clinical Research in pharmacology and Neuroscience (Portugal)