Do you experience pain from laser hair removal?

do you experience pain from laser hair removal?

Short Answer - Most people do not experience pain or discomfort from laser hair removal.

Are the methods (plucking, waxing or epilation) you are using now painful? If you experience pain from plucking, waxing or epilation, we advise that you should opt for laser hair removal. Being a common cosmetic practice, it aims to get rid of hair on a long term basis. Simply put, laser hair removal will zap hair without affecting the skin.

Some can expect side effects, but most people do not experience pain or discomfort when using IPL laser hair removal technology. Studies have shown that 89% of the people do not feel any pain when performed correctly. In addition, anecdotal evidence of Bareskin users has noted that 95% of our clients did not experience any pain or irritation.

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How bad is the pain?

Customers ask us regularly, “Does it hurt while using the Bareskin laser device? And if it does, is the pain bearable?” Compared to methods like waxing, there is little to no pain involved in laser hair removal. Most people have reported it feels, to some extent, like a warming sensation.

Laser Hair Removal can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to do plucking or shaving, and the level of pain you expect to feel will depend on your threshold and tolerance to pain. If you suspect you may experience some discomfort, there are many ways to help you manage the distress you may feel. Before the session, you can try;

Shaving before you start
By shaving, you significantly reduce pain during laser hair removal. Try shaving about 24 hours earlier.

Avoid tweezing or waxing amid sessions
Shaving is requested but tweezing or waxing messes with the hair follicles, reducing the Bareskin laser effectiveness.

Wipe off all your makeup
Ensuring the skin is in its natural state helps to avoid minor burns. After the first few minutes of a session, you will get accustomed to the slight warming sensation, diminishing with each pulse.

Can laser cause discomfort?

We have noted that some sensitive areas like the underarms and the bikini region may tend to be more painful to some users but generally, most of our clients find the experience tolerable.


The Bareskin laser hair removal device works to eradicate pain as an aspect during hair removal. Some have compared IPL laser hair removal to snapping a rubber band on your skin. With each consequent treatment, there is a reduction in pain as hair reduces.
If you are sensitive to pain, try applying a topical anaesthetic cream. However, speak to a medical professional before using any numbing agent on your body.
In contrast, other forms of hair removal, like waxing, are excruciating painful. This is especially true under the arms or bikini area. If you compare these two hair removal methods, the laser hair removal device is ten times better in terms of pain.

There may be temporary side effects of hyper-pigmentation, from swelling, redness, and blistering. But our Bareskin clients have not reported any of these issues.
does it hurt with laser hair removal

After performing a session on yourself using the Bareskin handset, you may feel like you have spent too much time in the sun. As a result, your skin will be tender to the touch. Therefore, we advise that you be extra careful on the treated area for at least a full day after the session. It also means that you need to avoid exfoliating the site or exposing it to sweat if you plan to exercise.

The summary of it all is that you should not experience any fear of pain in the process of hair removal using the Bareskin system. The great thing here is that you will realise that it will be well worth it if you experience a little pain.

What are the possible side effects?

Note that the side effects are, in most cases, temporary. At the end of the session, you look like a bee attacked you. Do not worry; this is normal, and you are still in good shape. Possible side effects may include;


Itching is common in sensitive areas and people with an overactive histamine response.

Slight tingling

Using laser hair removal may hurt less than methods like waxing, but it may feel like warmth on their skin to some people. Sensation will vary depending on a person’s skin and hair type. Dark-skinned people will tend to absorb more light from the laser. Consequently, they will feel it more compared to those with pale skin.


Nobody has ever experienced swelling using the Bareskin device. But some researchers have noted that some people experience slight swelling and irritation after laser hair removal. It can go up to two weeks in rare cases, but it goes down in a few hours to a few days under normal conditions.


It is rare and unusual, but it still occurs. It is usually due to exposure to direct sunlight or light sensitizing medication before treatment.


Bruising from laser only happens if the user has susceptible skin. Again this is unusual and rare.
After a session with the Bareskin laser, please ensure that your time in the sun is limited. Your skin will be tender to the touch. Pay more attention to the treated area for at least a full day after treatment. Avoid working out at this time as it will exfoliate the area and expose it to sweat. Just practice the precautions given, and it will be worth it by the end of it all.

laser hair removal is not painful

How to Reduce Pain during Laser Hair Removal?

Reducing your pain can be frustrating, especially regarding your groin area or privates. However, the best part is having a long-term solution to your excessive hair problem. Do not be swayed by the horror stories you may have heard from people who have previously experienced pain. Remember, you are unique and won't feel any pain.

Prepare your body before performing laser hair removal on yourself.


One of the surest ways to get prepared is to get enough sleep the day before the procedure. Go to bed early to have at least 8 hours of sleep before the treatment. If you fail to get enough sleep, you may become moody and overly tired. This situation may affect the procedure because metabolic activity affects system regulations, including the pain receptors.

For the ladies
Do not use the Bareskin handset if you are on your menses. The changing hormone levels may affect your pain tolerance. At this time, you are most sensitive; hence, it is not a good time to use it. It would help if you waited a few days before considering using a photo-epilation device.

Stay Hydrated
Always ensure you hydrate by drinking a gallon of water daily, especially before treatment. Staying hydrated is critical, as it will help cushion any pain you may feel.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Regardless of how much we all love these substances. Alcohol and caffeine are known to increase pain sensitivity, and it would be better to stay away from them before the procedure.

Remember To Shave
Remember to shave the area night before the scheduled treatment. Then, you will be less likely to experience irritation.

Topical Anesthetics (if need be)

You can use numbing creams to reduce pain. Apply a layer to the area you intend to treat at least an hour before starting. Topical anaesthetics will significantly reduce pain during laser hair removal.

Inquire with your pharmacist if you may need an antihistamine. Some people say they experience less pain when using such products an hour before the procedure. However, remember to check with a qualified practitioner before opting for any pharmaceuticals.take care of area after laser hair removal

How to Take Care of The Area After Laser Hair Removal

After performing laser hair removal on yourself, you need to take care of the area. Please see the options below.

If you experience pain after the procedure, do not panic. The pain will subside after a couple of hours. If you have previous encounters with pain in your bikini line, do not worry, as it will not be as irritating as before. Remember to wear loose-fitting clothes to reduce physical activity rubbing against the skin.

Use an Ice Pack

If experiencing pain, you can place an ice pack on a treated area to lessen pain, irritation, and discomfort. You will need to use the ice packs straightaway after having laser hair removal. Ensure that they are in the freezer before the session starts.

Aloe Vera Application

You can use Aloe-Vera based gel three days after treatment. It soothes any redness and swelling. However, it is vital to stay clear of topical beauty products as your skin is still sensitive during the healing process.

Avoid tight clothes

Wear Slack Clothes To Avoid Friction In The Treated Region

Laser hair removal should not hurt

Put Aside Other Hair Removal Procedures

Waxing and plucking are the primary methods to avoid since they destroy the hair follicles. It is, however, allowed to shave 24 hours after the treatment.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Too much sunlight will irritate your skin. It is imperative to stay away from activities like sunbathing for at least two weeks as you are prone to severe burns. Ensure you wear sunscreen if you have to go out in the sun.

Use Cool Water While Taking A Shower

Hot water may blister the skin. Avoid it for at least 48 hours after the treatment. In addition, hot showers, saunas and hot tubs should be avoided for a few days. These activities can cause irritation and skin reddening.

Use over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen

Use the painkillers a day after the treatment if the pain is persistent. Altogether avoid aspirin as it increases healing time.

Avoid Activities That Might Raise Your Body’s Temperature

Give your body at least 48 hours before engaging in any strenuous activity.

Use A Mild Cleanser in Combination With A Moisturizer Designed For Sensitive Skin.

Frequent washing may increase discomfort. Applying a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin will bring relief without causing further irritation.

Avoid Scratching Treated Parts

Try as much as possible not to scratch the treated area. Attempt to ignore the feeling and urge to touch the area thoroughly.

how to take care of laser hair removal

What Are The Sensitive Pros And Cons In Laser Hair Removal?

As you probably have realised, laser hair removal is not painful. As mentioned before, most people do not experience any pain with laser hair removal. We decided to provide our clients with a pros and cons list;


  • Safe, complete hair removal.
  • No limit in terms of the body part.
  • Low to no pain at all.
  • Laser Hair removal is not time-consuming.
  • Highly precise on the target hairs.
  • Bareskin device is easy to use.
  • Laser hair removal is effective for both males and females.
  • No more ingrown hairs.
  • Never shave ever again.
  • No more painful epilators or waxing.


  • Requires several treatments to achieve desired results.
  • Redness or swelling might occur, although very uncommon

 Bareskin laser hair removal Machine


Some DIY self-care tricks are worth it, especially if they are almost painless. So kiss your razor goodbye and say hello to the Bareskin laser, and together you can create a confident look for yourself in the comfort of your home.

Medically reviewed by: Dr Walters (Dermatologist)