Everything you need to know about Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

what is hollywood laser hair removal

Explain Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is the process of n removal of pubic hair from the female and male genital area. 

There are many names for removing hair from the pubic bone. There are also many methods to remove hair from the privates.

Out of those methods, Hollywood Hair Removal has received much attention. It removes pubic hair from the surrounding area, including the bum, labia/testicles and lower abdomen.

Understanding IPL laser hair removal.

The laser light targets hair follicles and destroys the melanin inside. The pigment within the hair follicle would absorb the light pulse from the laser. It can damage the hair follicle and discourage regrowth. Only the hair follicle can absorb the laser beam, and surrounding tissues will not be affected.

The laser hair removal process is called photo-thermolysis. Photo refers to light, whereas thermolysis refers to destruction with heat. The main reason behind the popularity of laser hair removal is its ability to destroy hair follicles without impacting the skin.

This method is entirely different from electrolysis. In electrolysis, an electric current is sent directly into the hair follicle. Therefore, it will be a time-consuming and painful process. However, laser hair removal is not time-consuming, and the user experiences almost no pain. In addition, it can target a large volume of hair within a short period as well.

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The benefits of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

There are many benefits of performing Hollywood laser Hair Removal on yourself.

For most people(both males and females), it is a cosmetic procedure which can help to enhance your appearance. However, any woman who wants to get rid of pubic hair and has an active lifestyle can think about going forward with this method. For example, it can benefit women engaged in sports such as swimming to overcome the hassle of shaving pubic hair once a week.

Other studies have mentioned that removing pubic hair can enhance sexual function, and females and males are more receptive to performing or receiving oral sex. The same research reveals that people's general feeling is that having no pubic hair increases sexual stimulation.

hollywood hair removal

Can Laser Hair Removal help you with ingrown hairs in the genital area?

Yes, laser hair removal is an excellent method for getting rid of ingrown hairs. Avoiding ingrown hair is one of the main reasons many women and men prefer to use it to get rid of ingrown hair in the bikini line.

The skin around the genitals is delicate and soft. On the other hand, hair grown in the area is heavy and coarse. Therefore, a traditional hair removal method such as shaving or waxing will not be able to deliver the best possible results to you by removing ingrown hairs. They can cause a lot of pain and become infected as well.

If you want to get rid of ingrown hair around then genitals, laser hair removal is excellent. It can help you reduce hair growth in this region significantly. Most users see significant improvement after 8-12 sessions.

When hair becomes more delicate, they also lose its ability to cause a skin infection. Therefore using the IPL laser in the genital area is an excellent option if you suffer from ingrown hairs.

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Can laser hair removal deliver long-lasting results?

The results of laser hair removal can last for several months. However, it depends on a few factors. The number of laser hair removal sessions you had is the main determining factor. In addition to that, hair colour in the area, skin colour, genetics, and underlying hormone or medical conditions can impact the longevity of the results you get.

In general, we found that eight sessions will be able to help you reduce around 90% of hair in the genital area. Then you need to go ahead with maintenance sessions, which you can do every 1 - 3 months.  

What makes Hollywood Laser Hair Removal unique?

The big difference between this method and others has to be that this method removes all the hair on the pubic bone while other methods don't. Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is a process which eradicates hair from the female and male genitalia. It leaves the genital area without any traces of pubic hair. Hollywood hair reduction also covers other sensitive areas surrounding the genitals, including the bum and labia. The lower abdomen is also covered.

Using the Bareskin will only take around 20 minutes for a Laser Hair Removal Session on the pubic bone and surrounding area. However, you will need to go through 6 to 8 such sessions to start seeing results.

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal painful?

Laser Hair Removal can cause mild discomfort for some people. However, it is not possible to call this a painful procedure. That’s because the IPL laser beam targets hair follicles and doesn’t impact the skin.

According to Zenhealth, only 6% of people experience slight discomfort, while most say the first couple of sessions is the most uncomfortable. When you proceed with the hair removal sessions, you can reduce overall pain.

When using the Bareskin handset, you can adjust the laser settings to help you remain comfortable throughout the treatment. Since it can deliver long-lasting results as appose to waxing or shaving, you will even be able to end up with measurable results after a couple of sessions.

What is hollywood laser hair removal?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

What is Hollywood laser hair removal?

To reiterate, Hollywood Laser Hair Removal is a process that can help you completely get rid of hair on the genital area. Hair follicles will be destroyed by an IPL light during the treatment and then naturally fall out.

Is Hollywood laser hair removal painful?

Pain sensations vary, but most people describe Hollywood laser procedures as not painful. It can be mildly uncomfortable for a small percentage, akin to a snapping sensation. Use cooling techniques to minimise discomfort. (if needed)

How many sessions are needed for effective results?

Typically, several sessions are required to achieve optimal results. The exact number varies depending on hair colour, skin type, and the area being treated.

What is the cost of Hollywood laser hair removal?

The cost varies depending on factors such as the treatment area. We recommend purchasing a laser hair removal machine or device for home use. It is the cheapest way to use laser hair removal without paying thousands of rands each month.

Will I experience ingrown hairs after using a laser hair removal machine?

You will not experience any ingrown hairs after using an IPL laser device, says Dr. Debra Jaliman, board-certified dermatologist. Dr Debra Jaliman told our readers that selecting an FDA certified device would be your advantage. However, it would be advisable to read some website reviews before purchasing your IPL machine.

Is there a downtime linked with Laser Hair Removal?

No, there is no downtime linked with Laser Hair Removal. You will be able to get back to your day to day routine as soon as you complete the treatment.

What is the difference between Hollywood Laser Hair Removal and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

The Brazilian hair removal method will leave a strip of hair on the pubic mound. However, Hollywood Laser Hair Removal helps you completely get rid of all the hair.

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Robert Walters MD (Dermatologist)