Dr. Irene Mazzuca MD

Dr. Irene Mazzuca MD (Medical Advisor)

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Irene Mazzuca holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the Sapienza University of Rome. She is a licensed doctor who works as a freelance medical writer and a scientific translator (English/Italian and Spanish). Dr. Irene Mazzuca sees herself as a Digital Nomad. She has clinical medical experience at the following Europene Hospitals - University Hospital of Gran Canaria, Dr. Negrin in Spain, and Özel Yüzyıl Hastanesi Pendik in Istanbul (Turkey).

Personal Information
She also loves to write, do yoga, and meditate. In addition, Irene enjoys travelling and has clinical practice experience in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

University of Rome "LaSapienza" - Doctor of Medicine
University of Palermo - Medical Surgeon