Is laser hair removal safe on your privates?

Yes, laser hair removal is effective and safe on male and female privates.  In this article we discuss laser hair removal on male and female privates(genitalia), safety concerns as well as how to prepare and perform this procedure.

If you want to remove your unwanted hair, trying out a laser hair removal procedure is a thing to take into consideration. Many people try out this procedure on different parts of their bodies. Usually, they try it out in the bikini area, underarms, and even on the back. You should know that this procedure isn’t permanent, but as you undertake it, you will get better results than shaving or waxing and it is recommended to try out this method of removing unwanted hair.

Usually the regular number of treatments that a person needs is up to about six. You should take into consideration that there may be instances where some side effects may appear. Some of the side effects that may appear are scars, burns, and even skin discoloration. Even though these side effects exist, you shouldn’t be worried because there are small chances for you to have issues like these.

is laser safe on privates

How does the laser hair removal treatment works?

This procedure is quite common and it helps you in removing unwanted hair. You won’t have to face any unwanted hair on your body if you decide to try out this procedure. It is also a good idea to try this one out because it doesn’t require any cuts in your skin. There are a few common areas in which people usually try out this procedure.

One of the main areas people want the hair to be removed is the private/bikini area which means that this procedure is safe can be trusted. Other common areas when it comes to removing hair are the face, legs, back, and even underarms. These are the places where people don’t usually want hair to be grown.

Things to know about this procedure – How it works?

The laser produces heat which leads to the destruction of cells with a lot of pigment in them. Hair has a lot of pigment and this laser treatment removes it from the skin. The hair absorbs all of the heat and transfers it to the hair follicles. After that the hair can’t grow anymore This is why this method is so efficient and why a lot of people try it out.

This treatment also requires you to take advantage of it multiple times. This means that you will have to do this treatment multiple times until the wanted results. You will see that these results will appear in a matter of days after you start this treatment.

Can you make use of this treatment?

When it comes to laser hair removal, you should know that anyone can try it out. It is usually a cosmetic procedure and you shouldn’t be worried about it because it works fine and you will not have any problems if you decide to make use of this procedure.

Many people decide to choose the laser hair removal procedure because they don’t like shaving and they feel like this procedure is the best choice for them.

Women usually try out the hair removal procedure because they have to face problems like Hirsutism. This happens when their hair grows in parts where men usually have hair. Another common issue that women have is Hypertrichosis. This problem causes excessive hair to grow anywhere on the body. This is why this laser removal procedure is a great choice for this issue.

Usually, these conditions result due to medications. Birth control pills and anabolic steroids are some of the reasons why people have to face a lot of hair growth. Hormone imbalances are another cause of hair growth. People with high levels of androgen or testosterone can develop issues regarding their hair.

Inherent disorders can also be an issue and this is why laser hair removal is used here too. This is usually passed from parents to children.

Laser hair removal is also a procedure that people with light skin and dark hair can use out. It will help them a lot and the best part about this treatment is the fact that it works well and without any problems.

This treatment works well on people with darker tones of hair because the contrast between the color of the skin and the hair makes it much easier for the hair to absorb the heat. This means that you should also take into consideration the fact that if you have light-colored hair such as white, red, blonde, or grey you should know that this treatment may not be the best solution for you.

safety concerns laser hair removal on private parts

When not take advantage of this treatment?

There are a few instances in which you shouldn’t make use of this treatment. If you are pregnant you shouldn’t be doing the hair removal procedure. There are also some other contraindications when it comes to this treatment. If you are getting some acne treatments, it is better to not try this treatment.

You should also avoid laser hair removal on your privates if you are prone to cold sores or if you are suffering from genital herpes. This isn't indicated for people with skin cancer or those who have keloid scars. It is always a good idea to talk with your medic before doing this procedure.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal process on your privates?

If you plan to try out this procedure, it is advisable to avoid tanning beds. You should also take into consideration not staying in the sun for a prolonged period. You should know that laser hair removal is less effective if you are tanned and you will be prone to have to deal with different side effects.

Before treatment, you should shave the area you want to be treated. If the hair is longer than a grain of rice, the treatment won’t be that efficient and this is why you should take into consideration shaving your area before making use of this treatment. After you start doing the treatment, be sure to avoid plucking hair. You should also avoid tweezing or waxing after the treatment has finished. This way you will avoid any side effects and you will certainly be grateful because this treatment works well for you.

What to expect during the procedure?

There are several steps that you should take into consideration when it comes to the process of hair removal.

The area where the procedure will undergo will be cleaned. You will also need some protective glasses to wear during this procedure because the light is strong and you don’t want your eyes to be affected by it. After the laser treatment, you need to listen to your doctor because he will tell you any other things you need to know so that your skin won’t be affected by this procedure.

You may have to deal with a series of stings, but you won’t need to be worried about them because a lot of people say that these stings feel like a rubber band snapping against their skin.

The procedure doesn’t take you a long period until it finishes. Usually, you will get it done in a few minutes or up to an hour and you will see that you won’t have any issues with it. This usually depends on the size of the area you want to be treated. If the size will be larger, this procedure will take longer.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that you might smell smoke. The smell of burning hair is also common here so prepare for that. This is normal because the hair is burned away. It won’t take a long period until you start seeing the results and you will probably like them.

removing hair on privates

After the procedure is finished, will there be any side effects?

Usually, you won’t have to face side effects, but for some people, some may appear. First of all, you may notice that your skin might be red. There are also instances when the skin may be swollen and even a little painful after the treatment. This is a common side effect of this treatment and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Using a cold compress can do wonders after the treatment and you will feel refreshed after doing that. Another important thing to take into consideration is to not expose the treated area directly to the sun immediately after the treatment was finished. You also shouldn't be exposing the skin to artificial light. After a few days have passed, you can get back to your normal activities.

Can you safely use the laser hair removal procedure on your privates?

Usually, laser hair removal is safe for your privates (genital area). There aren’t any side effects that may appear after this procedure. An experienced healthcare provider can tell you more because the conditions differ from person to person.

The most common issues that may appear after this procedure are burns and also blisters. There are also some chances for your skin to get darker than the surrounding skin or your skin to be lighter than the surrounding skin. This depends on the type of skin though and the doctor can tell you more about this procedure.

Rarely this procedure can cause herpes, scars, and infections so you should also take this into considerations.

Are there a lot of benefits of this treatment?

When it comes to benefits, you should know that this treatment is known for some. The main and the most wanted benefit of this treatment is that you won’t have to shave your hair that often. There won’t be the need to wax your hair. Some people may prefer this treatment instead of electrolysis because it is better and they will certainly like the results much more.

The laser treatments on your privates are great because you won’t have to face any pain during the treatment. Another great thing about this treatment is the fact that the risk of ingrown hairs is reduced thanks to it.

no hair on privates

Other important things to know

When it comes to multiple treatments, this is a thing that you should know about. You will have to do more treatments and you will have to do up to eight laser treatments for the effects to be the best. Usually, this means that you have to do the laser removing treatment for up to 8 weeks until you will be satisfied with the results. This is needed because this way you will capture the hairs in different growth stages.

When it comes to the reduction of hair growth, you should know that this is usually pretty high. You will see that your hair will grow less in the area treated even after the first treatment. You won’t see any hair growth after the treatment for several months or years.

You should also take into consideration that the results aren’t permanent. It is common for the hair to grow back, but you will see that it is usually lighter and also thinner than before. This is a great advantage and you will see that you will like this as you will be doing this treatment.

What are the other benefits of this laser hair removal treatment?

Fewer infections
This is one of the most known benefits of the hair removal process. You don’t want to face different infections and this is why this procedure will help you a lot. Having less hair will keep infections away and this is why you will see a lot of benefits by using this treatment.

Less irritation
Another thing you should take into consideration is the fact that you will have less irritation, especially in the vaginal (privates) area.

Increased comfort
You will be able to feel more comfortable after you try out this procedure. You won’t have problems with any moisture trapped.

Fewer bacteria migration
There is a lower chance of having bacterial growth if you don’t have any hair.


It is recommended to make use of this treatment and the best thing about it is that you can use this treatment at home. Products like Bareskin laser hair removal can be used at home and even on your privates without any fear. You will notice that you will gain all of the benefits you want by using this product.