How to perform laser hair treatment on yourself

How to perform laser hair removal on yourself?

If you are wondering if you can perform a laser hair removal treatment on yourself, this article is for you. The answer is YES!. It is possible to remove hair by yourself using a Bareskin handset.

The Bareskin IPL Kit will help you perform this task, and you will receive impressive results.

If you follow our steps, you will be able to perform the treatment on yourself, and you will have hair-free skin. You will not have to shave your hair daily. You will never experience itchy skin ever again. You will not experience ingrown hairs ever again.

The hair under the arms and hair on the legs causes a lot of stress, especially for ladies. Unfortunately, it does not matter what you believe in or your family's culture; shaving unwanted hair is a big part of daily life.

Many women and men use lots of money and time to get rid of hair in different parts of their bodies. So it's just natural for women and men to be interested in hair removal without all the adverse side effects.

Once you have performed the removal of hair on yourself, you can cross off the problem of shaving unwanted hair from the list of issues. According to research done in 2013, laser hair removal was number four the most common procedure performed at beauty salons.

Number one was chemical peels, followed by filters, and Botox came third.

Getting the Most Out of Your Laser Hair removal

Hows do laser hair removal work?

In a nutshell, the laser treatment light kills the hair follicle. The follicle absorbs the heat from the laser when your hair is in an active growth cycle, which will, in turn, prevent the hair follicle from growing back.

Put it another way, think of the follicle as the bulb of a flower. If you destroy a flower bulb, then the flower can’t grow. So when you kill the follicle, the hair can’t grow again.

That’s why laser treatment is a semi-permanent way of getting rid of unwanted hair. But what you need to understand is that hair grows in different hair life cycles, so you cannot kill all the hair with a single treatment. Instead, you will be required to perform several laser treatments to eliminate all the hair.

How do I perform laser hair removal treatment on myself?

This is the Bareskin instructions on performing laser hair removal using the Bareskin IPL machine. If you just received the device, you should start using the machine at least three times per week for the first two months. You should see a 30% hair reduction three weeks after performing the first treatment. If you continue using the Bareskin device, with time, it will continue reducing the hair, and after a couple of months, all the hair will be gone, not to return for many months.

Doctor Joshua Zeichner, MD, considers at-home DIY laser hair removal machines like the Bareskin a safe alternative to in-office laser treatments. IPL machines work the same way as a machine at a professional laser treatment centre. They are great on their own, or some use them between professional treatments.

You can even perform laser treatment on your face to remove unwanted hair, and it will leave your face much smoother and silkier as appose to harsher hair removal procedures. Laser hair removal is one of the most used ways of removing hair in South Africa.

Instructions on how use a laser hair removal machine

When to consider laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal is all about personal choice and preference. Reasons include lifestyle, medical and psychological. Here are some scenarios when individuals might consider laser hair removal:

  • It is a Cosmetic Preference for some people. Some people prefer the aesthetic of smooth, hair-free skin. Hair-free skin is seen by many as sexy and seductive.
  • You may be an athlete or an active individual. Athletes, swimmers, or individuals involved in certain activities may choose laser hair removal. Having less hair makes it easier to manage hygiene and reduce friction.
  • You may have allergies or sensitivities. If you suffer from allergies or sensitivities to other hair removal methods, you may want to opt for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal may be a more suitable option.
  • You can perform laser hair removal when you have unwanted body hair that limits you from wearing a particular type of clothing.
  • You can also perform this task if you have dark hair and are light-skinned.
  • If you experience side effects from other hair removal methods, you should opt for a laser device.

Pros of laser hair removal

  • You can perform this treatment on small and large areas affected by unwanted hair.
  • When you perform a laser hair removal treatment, your skin complexion will be more uniform.
  • Hair will never grow again after performing an average of 5 sessions. It can take some people only three sessions to altogether remove hair, while for some, it may take up to 8 sessions.
  • No more itchy skin caused by irritating regrowth
  • No more ingrown hairs.
  • No more daily shaving
  • The Bareskin device is budget-friendly

Cons of laser hair removal

  •     You have to perform multiple treatments to get the desired results.
  •     People with dark skin sometimes don’t respond well to this treatment.
  •     Bleach hair is less responsive to laser hair removal treatment.

How do you know you are a good candidate for laser removal?

It would be best if you asked yourself a couple of questions. First, do you have unwanted hair? If the answer is yes, you are a great candidate for laser hair removal.

Anyone who has hair under the armpits is looking for alternative hair removal methods and has unwanted hair on any part of the body is a good candidate for this treatment. It will work even better if you have dark hair and light skin.

laser hair removal pros and cons

How is this procedure performed and how do you do laser hair treatment on yourself?

Before beginning this procedure, you should place some protective eye shields on your eyes to prevent injury.

Getting started step 1

  • Clean the area you want to perform laser hair removal.
  • Shave the entire area you are targeting.
  • Do not wax the hair or pluck the hair. This handset targets hair follicles, so waxing or plucking hair will only lead to the ineffectiveness of the device.
  • Dry clean the area, and then you can enter step two.

Step 2 is selecting your treatment level.

  • The Bareskin handset has five energy levels.
  • Choose the level that you think will work perfectly for you.
  • We suggest starting with the lowest level (1) and increasing power output to the fifth level (highest).

Step 3 is beginning the treatment.

  • Place the device at a 90-degree angle against your skin and start the process.
  • Don’t go over the same area more than once, and move circularly.
  • If you are a newbie, we advise that you treat the affected area three times a week for the first two to three months or until you can start seeing results.

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Robert Walters MD (Dermatologist)

  • You can shave the hair between the laser sessions. Just make sure not to pluck the hair or wax it.