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Bareskin Laser Hair Removal Device is now available in, Mitchell's Plain

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Happy Customers!

This is my new favourite beauty product! It does not hurt, its fast and I start seeing results within 3 sessions.   ||   So easy to use - plug it in, click the button and you ready to go!   ||   Just loving this device - no more taking off a morning to remove body hair.   ||   Removing body hair use to be such a drag.   ||   I can’t believe I only found the Bareskin product in the last year. Worth every penny!

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Bareskin introduces our innovative IPL laser hair removal device.

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Really Good!

Been using so far for about 8 weeks and so far, so good! I definitely see my hairs growing back at a slower rate and in some spots not growing back much at all! I’ll keep using each week until I’m happy but it definitely is working and I know eventually all the hair will be gone!

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Highly Recommended!!! Extremely Happy Customer!!

I have used the Bareskin 3 times in the last 5 weeks, I can’t believe what I seeing, my hair has grown slower and thinner. As a matter of fact some patches completely stopped growing. Ensure that you exfoliate your legs to ensure that all the hair gets the full affect. - Jo-Anne (Atlantis)

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I just love it.

I just love my Baredskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. I have been using for about 7 weeks. I have noticed an unbelievable difference . Currently, my hairs are hardly growing back. As a matter of fact, results are evident from its use in the first about 4-6 sessions. It works for most people, especially if you really have dark hair. Amazingly, you can use it on any body part in which I have not had a thought of going back to the clinic again!!

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Why you should get the Bareskin hair removal device?


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Step 1: Getting Started

Choose the body part/area you would like to focus on.
For the best results, clean the area you would like to target.
Carefully shave the entire area, but do not epilate, wax or pluck.
device targets the follicles and removing these ( with tweezing or
plucking) prior to using will render the product ineffective.
Dry with a clean towel before starting your at-home hair removal treatment.

Step 2: Select your Treatment Level

After cleaning the area and shaving off existing hair, you can choose the level of treatment.
Device has 5 energy levels. 
1 = lowest / 5 = highest.
Choose your level.
suggest your start with the lowest level if you are a first-time user,
and work your way up to higher setting as needed. Once you are
comfortable with the process you may wish to increase the power settings

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Step 3: Start the device and begin

Don the protective glasses.
Place device at a 90-degree angle against the skin and start treatment.
We suggest working in a circular motion,  avoiding going over the same area more than once.
Treat the desired sites 2 - 3 times per week for the first 2 months.
should start seeing results within 2 - 3 months. If used correctly
users will start seeing a visible reduction of hair in the area you

Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Start seeing results within 3 treatments

Permanent Hair Removal using the newest IPL Technology

Can I use this device?


Happiness is me, my Tuesday nights and my Bareskinza Laser Hair Removal Laser - Getting ready for the summer parties and spring get-togethers without ever having to shave again

Lee from Cape Town

I was concerned that the laser treatment as I have bleach blonde hair, after chatting with the Bareskin team they assured me that it would work but it will take a little longer. I decided to trust them and their judgment and bought my own device. It only took 2 extra weeks for me to see the full result and now I am completely hair-free for weeks on end and I love it

Isla from Atlantis

The results speak for themselves. -- Janine"I love my Bareskinza Laser Hair Removal device, in just 3 months I have gone from shaving every second day to not at all. My legs are almost there as well but I am so pleased with my underarm results.

Janine from Atlantis

Get the hair removal system trusted by millions!

Hair Removal Methods Including Side effects

Depilatory and Waxing

Bareskin: Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device

None of these methods can be used on sensitive areas like the face or groin. We advise that you opt for the Bareskin Device.  Dermatologists are all in agreement that IPL laser hair removal treatment is by far the most suitable permanent hair reduction method at this moment and seen as the most natural hair removal option.  By using an IPL laser to eradicate the hair follicle you can avoid any of the major side effects and say hello to smooth skin.