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Bareskin Laser Hair Removal Device now available in Hout Bay

laser hair removal Hout Bay


Are you happy with waxing, tweezing, shaving to remove unwanted hair? If not - you should consider Laser Hair removal therapy using the amazing Bareskin device.

Bareskin laser hair removal Machine for sale

Bareskin Hout Bay introduces our innovative IPL laser hair removal device

Bareskin Device - BUY NOWThe Bareskin IPL Hair removal device has been developed with one aim - to take easy, fast and painless body hair removal out of the beauty salon and into your home.

Bareskin Hair Laser Treatment device delivers a true alternative to expensive hair laser treatments. Bring IPL Laser Technology to your home at a fraction of the price you will pay at expensive Hout Bay salons or clinics.

No more need to shave, wax, epilate, tweeze or use depilatory creams to remove unwanted hair from your body. All these painful methods are simply short-term solutions, as stubborn hair growth inevitably returns faster than before.

We all know that the daily chore of shaving, waxing, tweezing, epilating or using hair-removal creams can lead to painful side-effects like redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. With the Bareskin IPL device, these are a thing of the past.

Laser Hair removal procedure in Hout Bay


FINALLY! – It's time to say goodbye to endless waxing, plucking, shaving and expensive salon laser hair removal treatments forever!

And say hello to the amazing Bareskin IPL hair removal kit for at-home use.

The Bareskin IPL device will save you time – you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to use it. It also saves money – it’s a fraction of the price compared to visiting beauty salons for expensive treatment sessions.

How does it work?

The Bareskin home hair removal device uses a laser hair removal technology called - Intense Pulsed Light. The light enters the skin and instructs the hair follicle to stop growing.

  1. First thing would be to shave the area you would like to target.
  2. Connect the AC Adapter to the Power socket.
  3. Now press the power button and choose your setting.
  4. Put on the protective eyewear so you can avoid any damage to your eyes.
  5. Now slowly place the laser head on the skin where you have shaved. Go in circles for about 2 - 3 minutes.

Please note the following:

  • Start out with a lower setting first. As you become accustomed to the device you can power up to a higher setting.
  • Choose a specific area but do not go over this area more than once.
  • Please do not use the device on skin that has tattoos.

hair removal reasons

The most frequently ask questions about the Barekin Device!

How do I use the Bareskin laser hair removal device?

You first need to clear the skin of any hair. You should shave it off before using the device on your skin. Plugin in the device and press the power button.

The device has 5 settings from low to high. When you are starting out, you should start with low and go up as you get used to the laser hair removal device.

Remember to wear your protective eyewear when using the laser as the light may damage your eyes. Place the head of the laser on the skin where you have shaven. Go up and down on the area you are targeting. Do not go back to this area until the next time you use the device.

Can I use this device on any part of my body?
Yes, you can. You are able to use this handset in most areas of your body. This includes your crotch area for that Brazilian look or your face.

Does this device work for any skin color or hair color?
skin typesUnfortunately not, the IPL device is most effective on light to medium skin tones - with hair color ranging from blonde to brown or black.

Please note that this device does not work well on dark skin types.

Blond hair, red hair, grey or white hair contain less melanin and does not absorb light as easily as dark hair. For this reason, it may take longer for the hair to go into the resting phase.

Explain the settings on the Bareskin laser hair removal device?
The device has 5 settings. Each setting is used for different hair types. It has been developed to accommodate different hair types - from fine hair to coarse hair. The darker the hair type the higher the setting.

How many times should I use the device?
resultsFor the first month, you should use the device 2 - 4 times in the first month.

In the second month, you should use it only once a week(4 times), in the third month you should use it only twice per month and in the fourth month you should only use it once per month. (at this stage your hair should in full resting phase)

customer reviews

Amazing – It works like a charm!

To be honest – I received this device as a present a couple of months ago and my immediate thought was – This will never work. I followed the instructions the first time using it and then set a reminder on my mobile. I have used 4 times so far and my bikini and face area has barely grown back. I am totally shocked by how well this device works. It’s totally crazy and highly recommended!"

5 star rating
Michelle - Verified Buyer

So easy to use and fast!

I am not a techie and using any kind of high-tech product always causes issues. After purchasing the device I wasn't sure I'd be able to follow the complicated instructions and wasn't going to be able to use it. Well, guest what – NO ISSUES! I purchase the device on a Monday and received it on Wednesday morning. Plugged it in that evening and was using it within 3 minutes. Easy to understand instructions and been using it for 3 months now and seeing amazing results!

5 star rating
Gian - Verified Buyer
Hout Bay

Don’t normally leave reviews

I don’t normally leave product reviews, just don’t have the time but with this device, I needed to make an exception. This thing actually works. My whole family has a problem with overgrown body hair and I was determined to get rid of it permanently. After using my IPL device for about a month I started to see some of my chest and back hair diminish. Now almost 3 months later I am using it about once a month. I am very fair skinned with darkish hair so I set the device on its highest setting. It's definitely working for me!

5 star rating
Deacon - Verified Buyer
Awesome tool. It takes time but works really well!

An Amazing Tool. Though it takes time, I notice that my hair grow in less and also gets finer. Previously, I had to shave daily. Despite having shaved in the morning, I would have stubble in the evening. However, now, I can even go up to 2 days without any need of shaving. And I am just on the 5th week of treatment.

5 star rating
Liam - Verified Buyer
Hout Bay

It really works!

At first, I was scared of laser treatments since I am a dark-skinned person. However, my claim was to avoid investing my money on a product which could not work on my skin tone. As now, I am a very happy customer having used this product weekly and to be sure, a great difference has occurred both in the texture and growth.

5 star rating
Simon - Verified Buyer


Totally WORTH IT

To be frank, this is a 100% fully worth it. Every week it is becoming better and better having noted some reduction in from the 3rd week. Being in my 8th Week, all unwated hair has almost disapeared.

5 star rating
Shana - Verified Buyer

Superb machine, fully working

Great machine and works well!! Love it

5 star rating


Really good!

Been using so far for about 8 weeks and so far, so good! I definitely see my hairs growing back at a slower rate and in some spots not growing back much at all! I’ll keep using each week until I’m happy but it definitely is working and I know eventually all the hair will be gone!

5 star rating
Simone - Verified Buyer

Highly Recommended!!! Extremely Happy Customer!!

I have used the device 3 times in the last 5 weeks, I can’t believe what I seeing, my hair has grown slower and thinner. As a matter of fact some patches completely stopped growing. Ensure that you exfoliate your legs to ensure that all the hair gets the full affect.

5 star rating
Lizel - Verified Buyer

Bareskin Excited Customer

Personally, I have a light skin but with dark hair. I’m extremely happy to have used this product. I just noted the difference on the first time I used it. It is almost painless just with a ‘rubber band like’ sting in the sensitive areas such as underarm, bikini and behind the knee.

The bottom line is that I highly recommend this product

5 star rating
Sarah - Verified Buyer

No complaints so far.

So far so good, I have done my 4th treatment. Before, I had professional laser treatments, therefore, my hair was thinner to start with. Though I have not noted a big difference, we will see come the 12th week.
To start with, for years I have struggled with PCOS. Excessive hair growth has always been a bother to me embarrassing and making me uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to Bareskin Co. for this product with what I have gained.

I am not the persons who normally write reviews, but for this, I had to. I am so overwhelmed and impressed with the confidence I have right now.
I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with PCOS and to any gals out there.

Thanks again to all the team at Bareskin Co.

5 star rating
Lee-Ann - Verified Buyer
Hout Bay

I just love it.

I just love my Baredskin IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. I have been using for about 7 weeks. I have noticed an unbelievable difference . Currently, my hairs are hardly growing back. As a matter of fact, results are evident from its use in the first about 4-6 sessions. It works for most people, especially if you really have dark hair. Amazingly, you can use it on any body part in which I have not had a thought of going back to the clinic again!!

The bottom line is that I highly recommend this product

5 star rating
Edith - Verified Buyer

Best Product!

I have fallen in love with the results I have gotten from this product! It is very convenient , easy to use and I personally did not experience any pain. Though I have a sensitive skin combined with a hormonal imbalance, I have not had any problem when using this product. That said I did encounter a problem in shipment though the customer care team was superb with their help.

Highly recommended!!

5 star rating
Rita - Verified Buyer

Thank you Bareskin

Having dark hair, I never imagined that this product would really work. However, after checking a number of reviews together with YouTube videos, I made a decision to give this product a test. I am now really happy I made this choice. As I am writing this, my leg hairs are at aminimum while some areas have no hair anymore. (I think it must be the ultimate solution to the girls who are dark-haired). The first improvement I saw was on my legs. Furthermore, my upper lip had hair eliminated completely within the 2nd use of the product. It is a taking a little longer to note a major difference on my under arms though the hair is growing very slowly and thinner at the same time. In addition, I have noted that from my underarms, I don’t have dark areas.

Highly recommend.

5 star rating
Sharlene - Verified Buyer

It’s amazing it works perfectly

I can only term this product as - just what you need!. If I can suggest an improvement - It would be better if the the lights flashed faster. You have to wait for 3 to 5 second from the first flash going to the next while it takes me 20 - 25 minutes to do my legs. However, it is very effective and a cheaper solution rather than going to a salon for IPL.

5 star rating
Anne - Verified Buyer


Of course, as anyone else, I had doubts in this product. Though the process is a little bit slow, it does the work perfectly therefore, I give this product a 4 stars since I would wish that there would be bigger lens area.

5 star rating
Raymond - Verified Buyer

Wonderful Results!

Currently, I have had 2 sessions and the results are already evident. Having spent thousands of Rands with ZERO results from the hair removal clinics, I got my ultimate solution and now I have more than happy through the use of this product.

5 star rating
Kyle - Verified Buyer


Of course, as anyone else, I had doubts in this product. Though the process is a little bit slow, it does the work perfectly therefore, I give this product a 4 stars since I would wish that there would be bigger lens area.

5 star rating
Raymond - Verified Buyer


Having gone through 6 treatments, I am more than satisfied with the results I have obtained. This is fully unbelievable.

The time I take in plucking/shaving has been halved. In addition to the time it has given me, it has also increased the self-confidence I needed to far.

I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to everyone with similar needs.

5 star rating
Luca - Verified Buyer

Cant go without it!

I stay in Hout Bay for the last 3 years and when summer time comes I am almost every weekend on the beach or some pool party. A couple of months ago I read about this product on Hout Bay Outdoor website and did my research and found only positive reviews. If you visit a Hout Bay Laser Hair removal clinic you will have to pay at-least 3000 rand for six months(and those are cheap ones)

Anyhow I have been using the Bareskin machine for the 3 months and my back hair has almost disappear. Really happy.

5 star rating
Jonathan - Verified Buyer
Hout Bay

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