Cathy Boldt Medical Writer, PhD, MS

Cathy Boldt - Medical Writer

Contributing Writer, PhD, MS

Cathy Boldt is a freelance medical writer and a certified medical health specialist. Cathy has a passion for medicine and a natural affection for health and wellness. Cathy is our in house clinical trial writer. She provides our in-house doctors with the latest medical updates and medical trail information.

After studying English Literature and Media studies at the University of Cape Town, she worked full-time in publishing and later the financial industry. She maintained a small freelance copy-writing presence throughout her career and recently founded the Medical and Co blog to pursue her part-time passion as a word-smith.

Personal Information
Cathy has written over 2000 articles for various medical health blogs, from basic medical writing to in-depth clinical trail medical writing. When Cathy is not writing, she is horse riding and spelunking.

English Literature and Media studies (UCT)