The fastest hair removal method ever developed

I have to be honest, I do not like shaving; in fact, I hate it. Shaving my legs or any other body part every second day is such a chore. Unfortunately, I already have stubble after only 24 hours! Almost every bath, I feel obligated to shave my legs, only to have them clean for a few hours.

I could get along without shaving my legs as often in the wintertime, but when the weather gets warmer while I pull out my summer dresses and shorts, it's time again to dust off the shaver.

To shave or cream my legs every two weeks would be too expensive for me. Because the technique works best with leg hair about the size of a grain of rice, I'm doing one week clean and three weeks hairy. It simply doesn't feel right!
I've been shaving, waxing, and sugaring my legs for ten years (and I am not thrilled with the outcome.) There should be a better method to have silky smooth legs or arms.

fast hair removal

Most used hair removal methods

As you probably know already, most hair removal methods are only temporary.

  • Shaving, using a shaver
  • Wax that you buy in the store
  • Soft wax, that is extremely painful
  • Wax strips, please see above.
  • Epilating – using an electric current to remove hair
  • Hair removal creams – it is like burning your skin with acid. (No jokes)

This kind of hair removal technique is cheap and straightforward to use, but you must consider upkeep before engaging in any of them. I've been waxing for almost ten years and still need to clean my legs twice a week. It's tempting to get an R150($10) razer and go to town.

If you would not want to spend your whole life shaving, feeling clean for a few moments, and afterward developing unpleasant stubble within 24 hours, it's time to think about something permanent.

What other options are there?

You've probably heard about laser treatment. When I first heard of "laser hair removal," I was doubtful. Lasers were something out of a sci-fi movie.  It looked too complex, costly, and sophisticated.  I could not visit a laser hair removal clinic every month.  This is going to cost far more than I was willing to pay.

However, a hair removal gadget that uses comparable technologies to laser hair removal may help you achieve the silkiest skin imaginably. Introducing the Bareskin IPL laser Hair removal Machine!!

Bareskin Device

Permanent Hair Removal at Home

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a newer hair removal technique that offers you the same results as visiting a laser hair removal clinic. Just like laser hair removal you use at a hair removal clinic, it attacks the hair follicle, making hair grow slower, thinner, and eventually fall out. Similiar, household IPL hair removal equipment utilizes IPL light pulses to target the hair root. It stops hair growth by gently deactivating the follicle with light pulses.

Introducing the Bareskin IPL Hair Removal System

At-home IPL hair removal gadget Bareskin provides similar permanent hair removal results to laser hair removal but the big difference - you can do all your treatments in your own house.

Bareskin’s breakthrough technology and user-friendly design make it the quickest and easiest method to remove hair from your body. In addition, this device's many power levels and flexibility to switch among Glide and Pulse enable you to treat both smaller, more concentrated regions and more prominent, more expansive areas (like your legs) effectively and efficiently.

Enjoy some well-deserved self-care while getting smooth, healthy, and hair-free skin with the Bareskin device.

The way forward

There are several things you should know about IPL Laser hair removal before you start with your treatment.

  1. Consistency is key. Because hair grows back in cycles, you need to perform IPL treatments regularly. Consistency is key, this will eventually slow hair growth.
  2. Start seeing positive results by month three. You may be dissatisfied after the first few treatments. Laser Hair removal is not instant. Do not worry, the results will come, as long as you are consistent and follow the suggested procedures.
  3. It isn't the quickest solution for Hair Removal.  The procedure takes much longer than shaving since you have to go in tiny areas and keep the light on for the required amount of time. We suggest Apple TV, a bed, and a towel and start zapping.
  4. IPL may be difficult to utilize on darker complexion or lighter hair. Because IPL works with melanin, hair that is too near to the skin tone may not work for you. However, there are specific laser hair removal solutions for darker skin tones.
  5. You must shave in between sessions. Shorter hair allows the IPL light to reach the roots. Shaving is a temporary remedy for hair, but IPL is everlasting!
  6. If used correctly, it is safe for the skin. Although lights and lasers may seem frightening, IPL is gentle on the skin and most people say it's painless. So, if you follow directions and do your homework, you'll be fine!

How to Prepare for IPL

Preparing the skin for IPL involves a few steps:

  • Don't wax, tweeze, or make use of sugaring on the region you'll be using IPL on. IPL targets the melanin in the hair follicle to break bonds and permanently remove body hair. As a result, if there is no hair below the skin because you have removed it, the device will not work for you.
  • Don't apply hair removal lotion to the targeted region. Dermal hair removal lotions include chemicals that may irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to light treatments. This will increase the discomfort of IPL treatments.
  • Don't tan before using an IPL device. If you were to tan, the skin may be more susceptible to light treatments. If you are more susceptible, you may be more sensitive and this will increase discomfort.
  • Avoiding tanning after your IPL session. Tannin makes skin more susceptible to IPL, while IPL makes skin more vulnerable to tanning. An uneven, unnatural tan or even irritation or burnt skin are possible outcomes.
  • Don't use any non-skincare items in the area. Makeup, moisturizers, and powders are all included.

Before you begin, shave your legs. We suggest you shave the area you are targeting 24 hours before your treatment. Perhaps unhelpful, but bear with us, it ensures the IPL light reaches the roots of the hair, not the ends. Make sure your skin is clean, connect in your gadget, and let’s do this.

after care treatment

I am done – what to do after your IPL session.

It's pretty common to have puffy or red skin following IPL treatments. It may feel like a sunburn or razor burn. First, soothe the region using aloe vera gel or a moisturiser with SPF.

IPL doesn't provide instant results. Depending on your hair growth cycle, it may require many treatments. You may notice unusual hair growth patterns, such as spotty or uneven growth. This indicates the IPL therapy is working! You will start noticing a decline in hair growth between sessions.

After Care Treatment

After-treatment skincare is essential. Your skin could be irritated, so avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat for a few days. Excessive sun exposure, including tanning, may cause discomfort and pain. Overheated places such as hot tubs or saunas are also included. Using an SPF 30+ sunscreen may help decrease skin irritation.

Keep the area moisturised and at normal temperatures. Avoid using items that cause skin irritation. These skin items include skin whiteners, any of the skin acids, or exfoliants.

For best results, make use of IPL laser hair removal at least once or twice a week. You may shave in between, but not more than once a week.

best ipl

Our conclusion

Let's put IPL treatments in context. An above-average home IPL machine costs between R1500 to R3000 ($100 - $150).

That may appear costly at first, but considering the amount of shaving, you have done in your lifetime. A razor may cost between R50 – R300 ($3 and $20) but you will have to buy new razor blades regularly.  According to various dermatologists and skin doctors like Dr. Robert Walters, it is advised to change your razor after 5 – 7 shaves. You can get new razors or simply replacement heads for about R150 ($10) each.

Using this formula, 14 shaves would be required to cover the cost of an IPL machine. In contrast to 14 shaves, an IPL laser is far more cost-effective and has long-lasting effects.

Compared to other hair removal methods, IPL laser hair removal provides better, faster, and far less expensive.